Inheritance Law

Inheritance law which includes the rights and obligations of heirs and inheritors in relation to all movable and immovable, tangible, and intangible assets to which people are legally entitled, is one of those areas that require careful and diligent work due to its highly technical and complex regulations. Our office provides diligent representation and litigation services concerning inheritance law. We offer legal assistance, including counselling and litigation services, to our clients who wish to assert their inheritance rights in Turkey or other parts of the world. Multifaceted and very technical works and transactions such as will preparation, obtaining a certificate of inheritance, cancellation of the will, deprivation of inheritance, Refusal of Inheritance, Inheritance Contract, Renunciation of Inheritance, Inheritance Sharing, Elimination of Inheritance Partnership, Reduction case, Deed Cancellation due to Simulated Acts of the Deceased, Deed cancellation due to Inheritance Evasion, Equalisation case, Inheritance Appropriation case are carried out with an expert team.